How to complete the Assassin's Creed Valhalla Bloody Path to Peace quest

AC Valhalla Bloody Path to Peace ceolbert wesberie
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Stuck trying to figure out how to carry Ceolbert out the cave in the AC Valhalla Bloody Path to Peace quest? You'll be hit with this challenge towards the end of the quest which is part of the Sciropescire story arc. Shortly after a boss fight, you'll have to locate Ceolbert, but he's nowhere to be found.

If you head to his camp, you'll be able to talk to the guards who will give you clues to his location. Head to the area and search the cave to find that Ceolbert has been hurt and you'll now be tasked with carrying him to Wesberie. 

Seems simple enough right? Except it's hard to jump or climb when you're carrying someone on your back. So how do you get Ceolbert out of the cave for the AC Valhalla Bloody Path to Peace quest?

How to get Ceolbert out of the cave in the AC Valhalla Bloody Path to Peace quest

You won't be able to climb up any high walls when you're carrying Ceolbert so you'll need to rely on the natural slopes inside the cave to get back outside. With Ceolbert safely thrown over your shoulder, vault over the obstacle in the doorway where you came in, then turn left and follow the wall to find another doorway that leads to a ramp. 

You should notice a narrow, sloping ledge on the right side of the passageway here. Use this to jump across to the doorway ahead. You'll need a bit of momentum to make the jump though so it may take a few tries to get across. Once across and through, you'll notice another doorway, but ignore that—you can't squeeze through while carrying Ceolbert—so look to your right. You should see another narrow ledge against the wall that will carry you into the next room.

Drop down from here and duck under the crawl space at the far end then, instead of trying to vault onto the big rock ahead, use the small stone ramp to the right of it to walk up. You should see the entrance to the cave ahead. Once outside, you can mount up and take Ceolbert to Wesberie with relative ease.

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