Armikrog is delayed again


Boy, this is getting embarrassing. In June, I said that Armikrog, the Claymation-style adventure game from the creators of The Neverhood, would be out in August. Then in August, I said it would be out in September. Now it's September, and I'm here to tell you that, if all goes as planned, Armikrog will in fact be out in September—but a few weeks later in September than expected. It was supposed to be out today, but what we have instead is an email saying it's been pushed back again.

"The Pencil Test team has been working around the clock (literally) to get Armikrog polished for release," it says. "Their goal is to give gamers a great game but unfortunately over these past few days they encountered a few new bugs that forced them to push back the release date. Given that this is a small indie team, they just need a little more time to get the game to a level that is release worthy and that fans will enjoy so the release has been pushed back to September 30th."

I emailed Pencil Test to ask how reliable this new date is likely to be and haven't yet received a reply, probably because it's akin to asking them if the game is going to be any good. What do I really expect them to say? Fortunately, while I can't vouch for the solidity of the new date, we can at least agree that it looks very promising.

Andy Chalk

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