Arma 3's future plans: new player bootcamp, DLC, an expansion, and more

Bohemia Interactive did a great job of supporting previous Arma games after launch and it looks like Arma 3 will get just as much attention—if not more. Today, in a post to its official website , the studio outlined its plans for the rest of 2014 and 2015, promising better mod support, entirely new features, and vague details about a coming expansion.

The most interesting part is the Bootcamp update, A tutorial-oriented package wrapped around new playable content and refined sandbox mechanics. The goal is to provide newbies (like me) with a varied introduction to the game. Bohemia said it will have more on this update as it gets closer to releasing it.

Arma 3 players who've exhausted the game's content will probably appreciate that Bohemia will extend Steam Workshop support for addons in the end of May. This will allow Steam to handle the discovery, installation, and maintenance of all kinds of mods, including total conversions like Day Z.

In terms of DLC, Bohemia plans to release Arma 3 Helicopters, which will improve helicopter gameplay with selective implementation of Bohemia's Take On Helicopter's technology, and Arma 3 Marksmen, which aims to make firing a weapon simple to do but challenging to master. Both will include additional content like new weapons and vehicles. All players will enjoy the fundamental improvements they make to the engine for free, but the content itself is paid

Bohemia didn't reveal much on the expansion other than that it plans to release it in late 2015, and that it will take place in a new terrain that offers a distinctive feeling and gameplay.

Bohemia has a few more details about its future plans on its official blog . If you're unfamiliar with the core game, Evan's review will convince you that you should be.