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Arma 3 video shows minutes of in-game footage

arma 3

New Arma 3 video footage? On my Sunday? Thanks, world. Czech channel has exercised its home court advantage to secure minutes of totally new in-game footage of Arma 3, which could be the PC's prettiest game when it releases. Lead Designer Ivan Buchta narrates as a few features are shown in detail, including stealthy underwater SDVs and the recently-announced island of Stratis . I've taken the opportunity to jot up some observations.

0:55 - Bikinis confirmed.

1:05 - I still can't believe Bohemia is committing this much to underwater simulation. The textures and ambient life down here is absolutely generous . Live feed cameras in the cockpit? Wow; looking forward to having those in tanks and other land vehicles. The underwater lighting feels a little global, though. Glad to finally see steering animations in first-person.

2:45 - Look at those ridges. You don't see those kinds of dramatic peaks and valleys in Arma 2's stock maps. Narrow dirt roads overlooking valleys. Stratis looks great.

3:47 - I'm not crazy about that running animation, honestly. It looks like he's bounding a lot, and his arms seem pretty static.

5:10 - Chem lights confirmed. That'll be a welcome mechanic that connects air support (either the rescuing type, or the shooty type) with ground teams.

Thanks to @OvidiuCara for passing along the original link.

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