Arma 3: Laws of War DLC will bring a 'different perspective' to the battlefield

The Arma 3 project teased in March under the mysterious name of "Orange" has been unveiled as a new DLC package called Laws of War, set for release next month. Developer Bohemia Interactive said the new add-on "explores a different perspective on the battlefield" through the introduction of a new faction called the International Development and Aid Project, an NGO that specializes in rapid reaction to humanitarian disasters.

IDAP brings its own unique tools the battlefield, including a van that comes in multiple variants and liveries to fit a wide range of roles, a utility and demining drone, vests, bags, headgear, and facewear, the APERS mine dispenser system, and a "mini-campaign" called Remnants of War. 

"Take on the role of IDAP explosive specialist Nathan MacDade, who is tasked with identifying and deactivating mines after the war in the Republic of Altis & Stratis has ended," Bohemia explained in the announcement. "While you are being interviewed by an investigative journalist, you will uncover what happened in the town of Oreokastro, experiencing the events from the perspective of various sides, in recollections that span multiple periods of time." 

"The idea for the Laws of War package was very much inspired by our relationship with the International Committee of the Red Cross. This began with a presentation from the ICRC to the Arma 3 development team on the topic of International Humanitarian Law a few years ago," Laws of War project lead Joris-Jan van 't Land said. "Since then, we've always been interested in thinking of ways to better incorporate this vital yet also very complex aspect of war into the game. With this DLC, we hope to offer a balanced introduction to the laws of war, and their implications on the way that war is conducted."   

Arma 3: Laws of War is available for preorder now from Steam and Bohemia for ten percent off its regular $12/£9/€10 price, and is expected to be ready for release in early September. It will also continue the studio's relationship with the International Committee of the Red Cross: Just as it did with Arma Karts a few years ago, Bohemia will donate a portion of the proceeds from direct sales of the DLC to the ICRC. 

Andy Chalk

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