Arma 3 celebrates one-year anniversary with Zeus livestream and free stuff

Bohemia Interactive is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Arma 3 tomorrow with a livestream featuring an Arma 3 Zeus multiplayer session. As is only appropriate for any proper birthday celebration, there will also be cake, and a few gifts, too.

Hosted by Arma 3 Associate Producer Matt Lightfoot and Designer Nelson Duarte, the first-anniversary livestream will show off the Arma 3 Zeus DLC in action, with both developers and members of the community taking part. Zeus, for those of you who don't follow the news about hardcore military simulators out of Central Europe, is a unique multiplayer mode, released in April as free DLC, that grants one player control over elements of the battlefield like obstacles and enemy troops, allowing for the creation of a dynamic and unpredictable campaign on the fly.

If that's not enough to entice you to tune in, there will also be giveaways of the Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition and Arma 3 merchandise sets. And there will be cake! Although probably not as a giveaway.

There is one sort of minor bump in the road to online anniversary antics: The livestream begins at 10:30 am UTC, which as it turns out is 3:30 am PDT. Hey, are you a fan or aren't you? Caffeinate yourself appropriately and tune in at . (And if you really, absolutely cannot bring yourself to stay up that late, you can check out some home-grown Arma 3 Zeus action on the August 8 edition of the PC Gamer Show , any time you like.)

Andy Chalk

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