Arma 3's free Zeus multiplayer DLC released

In ancient Greece, Zeus was a pretty powerful guy: dispensing justice, lightning bolts, and an army of offspring conceived under pretty perverse circumstances. In modern Greece—albeit the fictional modern Greece of Arma 3—Zeus also has some powers. Only in this instance they extend to tanks, soldiers and inconveniently placed bollards. The soldier sim's free Zeus multiplayer DLC is now available, giving would-be gods the chance to GM an Arma operation.

I love the concept of this. One player is the overlord of a multiplayer mission, placing hazards, moving enemies, and creating an on-the-fly dynamic scenario for the ground troops to deal with. It provides a distinctly human element of unpredictability, which should make for plenty of exciting encounters.

As well as the blank canvas of "Game Master" mode, an all-seeing Zeus can also be present in co-op, team deathmatch and Sector Control modes, as well as in player-created scenarios from the Steam Workshop.

For owners of Arma 3, Zeus has been automatically added through Steam. To see the mode in action, check out the Bohemia livestream below.

Phil Savage

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