Guild Wars 2 dev contemplates pros and cons of Lost Shores event and outline future plans

Arenanet studio design director, Chris Whiteside, has posted about the variable Lost Shores event that introduced new dungeons and lands to Guild Wars 2 recently. The event used a monstrous invasion storyline to transport players to new high level lands populated by four legged crab creatures. Lost Shores culminated in a boss fight with a colossal crab beast that took hours to beat and stretched Guild Wars 2's servers to their limit.

"A lot of players really enjoyed the trailblazing aspect of unveiling the new Southsun Cove map, specifically the feeling of discovery and being part of the land grab," wrote Whiteside in a blog update spotted by PCGamesN , but added "we're also aware that there were certain aspects of the event that could have worked better than they did, and thanks to your excellent feedback we'll be working toward strengthening this type of content moving forward."

Speaking of those future additions, Whiteside delivered a bullet-pointed list of priorities for future updates, which includes a rebalance of GW2's existing dungeons, more varied creatures, adding more activities to the new Southsun Cove zone. List ahoy:

  • Revamping all of our existing dungeons (Story and Explorable versions) through rebalance and overhauled encounters.

  • Adding new dungeons to the Fractal of the Mists.

  • Adding more variation to creatures, enhancing our open world scaling system, as well as evolving many events and experiences across Tyria.

  • Fixing and improving existing content throughout the game, and better tying it into the overall sense of player progression within Guild Wars 2.

  • Building on the Southsun Cove's persistent content.

  • Adding new Guild content and Guild progression features.

  • Continuing to evolve PvP into an E-sport as outlined here:

  • Adding brand new content to World vs. World as well as adding new reward progression.

  • Continuing to build upon the story and adventures of Guild Wars 2.

Tom Senior

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