Aragami: Nightfall introduces new characters, powers, and 'complex scenarios'

Supernatural stealth game Aragami arrived in October 2016, telling a tale of an undead assassin with bold fashion sense who's summoned into existence by a young woman to lay a serious ninja smackdown on the oppressive Kaiho who have conquered her country.

It did pretty well for itself on Steam, where it's currently pushing 300,000 owners (it's also available on PS4), and yesterday developer Lince Works announced that a new expansion, Aragami: Nightfall, featuring new locations and two new playable characters, will be out "very soon." 

The Nightfall expansion will see two Shadow Assassins, Hyo and Shinobu, hunt down the Alchemist in an effort to bring back a long-lost companion, a tale told across four new story chapters recounting the events that led to the awakening of Aragami. The Steam page promises "more complex scenarios for experienced players," with three new Shadow Techniques and support for cross-platform multiplayer.   

Jody wasn't a huge fan of Aragami because of the way it forces players to use powers instead of giving them the option to properly stealth it out: "It's a very pretty game," he wrote, but "it just doesn't get what makes stealth fun." Hopefully the new characters, and their new abilities, will take steps toward addressing his concerns. A release date hasn't been set, but it's currently expected to become available in May.

Andy Chalk

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