How to use Apex Legends trackers to track your stats

Apex Legends has the usual spread of cosmetics: character skins, gun skins, voice lines, and emblems. One of its unlockables is different. Trackers, aka stat trackers, are character-specific items you can get from loot boxes to show off your prowess with different Legends on your profile. With combat specialist Bangalore you might want to display your total damage dealt, while with medic Lifeline you could show off the amount of healing your recovery drone has pumped into your team.

Here's how you unlock and equip Apex Legends' trackers to show off your stats.

How do I unlock Apex Legends' trackers?

Trackers can drop as loot box items, but you can also craft them with Crafting Metals, one of Apex Legends' in-game currencies. Those metals are also loot box drops and can be used to craft other cosmetics, like character and gun skins. Tracker unlocks are unique to each character, so even if you get a drop for a basic stat like "Kills" for Bangalore, it won't be unlocked for anyone else.

Since the odds are slim you're going to get the specific tracker drop you want for the character you want, crafting is your better option. To craft trackers, go to the Legends tab, pick a Legend, and then click the Banners tab. Now look at the menu in the left column, which lists Frames, Poses, Badges, and Trackers. Click one of the Tracker headings to see the list of trackers you can unlock.

Simply click on one of the listed trackers and hit confirm to craft it.

The regular trackers cost 30 Crafting Metals to make. Each Legend also has three unique, Rare (blue) tier trackers, which cost 60 Crafting Metals to make.

What are Apex Legends' trackers?

For every Legend, there are 17 basic trackers available. These are the same for each character. They are: 

  • Kills
  • Winning Kills
  • Kills as Kill Leader
  • Damage Done
  • Headshots
  • Finishers
  • Revives
  • Games Played
  • Wins with Full Squad
  • Times Placed Top 3
  • Pistol Kills
  • Shotgun Kills
  • SMG Kills
  • AR Kills
  • LMG Kills
  • Sniper Kills
  • Care Package Weapon Kills

The Rare (blue) tier trackers are different for every Legend, and showcase their special active and passive abilities. Here's the full list. 


Eye: Enemies Scanned
Eye: Traps Scanned
Beast of the Hunt: Kills


Gun Shield: Damage Blocked
Dome: Damage Blocked
Bombardment: Kills


D.O.C. Drone: Healing
Droppod: Items for Squadmates
Revive Shield: Damage Blocked


Zipline: Times Used by Squad
Grapple: Travel Distance
Survey: Beacons Scanned


Voices: Warnings Heard
Phase Walk: Time
Rifts: Squadmates Phased


Smoke Grenade: Enemies Hit
Double Time: Distance
Creeping Barrage: Damage


Gas Trap: Times Activated
NOX: Gas Damage Dealt
NOX: Gassed Enemies Killed


Decoys Created
Encore: Executions Escaped

How to equip trackers

This part's easy. Each character can have three trackers equipped at any one time. Once you have trackers unlocked, simply click on an available tracker for the Tracker 1, Tracker 2, and Tracker 3 menus. This will apply those trackers to your player banner for everyone to see.

Who is the tracker character in Apex Legends?

It's Bloodhound.

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