Apex Legends cranks the mayhem up to 11 in its Season 8 gameplay trailer

Leather jackets? Aussie outlaws? Thick, bristling moustaches? We should've seen it coming. After introducing us to new hero Fuse with a punk-rock montage, Apex Legends has gone all '80s on us with a new gameplay trailer for Season 8: Mayhem.

Everyone's gone a bit Spinal Tap with Season 8, as Respawn break out the CRT filters and the gruff, familiar voice of that movie trailer guy to indulge some '80s hair metal. Fittingly, next season's battle-pass contains some retro get-ups, with a leather jacket for Lifeline and a military-punk look for Bangalore—shades included. It's not quite Linda Hamilton showing up in Fortnite, but it's close.

The trailer finally gives us a good look at Fuse's kit. As per previous leaks, it looks like his active is indeed a wrist-mounted airburst grenade, firing a flashbang out of his robot arm to stun opponents. His ultimate, meanwhile, is a massive rocket that explodes in mid-air, leaving a ring of fire on the ground below for some toasty area denial. While not mentioned, those leaks suggest his passive will let Fuse hold more grenades. Naturally.

Of course, it's not all Aussies and explosions. We finally get a look at the "Obliterated" King's Canyon which, at this point, has been smashed up almost beyond recognition. The new 30-30 Repeater fills out Apex' arsenal with a solid, accurate semi-automatic rifle, while Golden Magazines can now be picked up—providing the same ammo-count as purple mags but with an integrated auto-loader attachment.

Season 8 of Apex Legends fires up on February 2nd.

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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