Apex Legends' new hero is Fuse, an Aussie hothead with a killer moustache

A new hero is coming to Apex Legends next month—announced with a new Stories From The Outland trailer today, the 16th Legend is Fuse. An outback punk from Planet Mad Max, Fuse is set to finally raise the game's lacklustre standard of facial hair.

The above short is quite confusing, but follows Fuse and his unnamed pal as they grow up on the lean, mean, desaturated streets of Salvo, a world wracked by wars and gangs. Finding a golden grenade on some poor sod's corpse, a montage follows the pair exchanging jabs at each other for ownership of the high-value explosive—until, on learning Fuse plans to ditch the planet for a shot at the Apex Games, his pal pulls the pin.

Respawn will likely dripfeed more on how Fuse actually plays in the coming weeks. As spotted by Polygon, however, data-miners seem to have uncovered his active and ultimate abilities. The former, reportedly called Airburst Grenade, sees him launch an explosive using his robotic arm, while his ultimate is a flame-gushing warhead called The Motherlode.

Fuse isn't the only thing arriving in Apex Legends' on February 2nd. Season 8: Mayhem also introduces a new lever-action rifle, the 30-30 repeater, and is once again set to remix the game's first map with an Obliterated Kings Canyon. C'mon, folks—I'm still getting used to the last time you blew up the map.

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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