Apex Legends' Fight or Fright trailer teases the event's evil architect

Apex Legends' Halloween event starts today, but you still need to wait a little while before you start dressing up and running away from zombies. In the meantime, you can watch the Fight or Fright trailer, which teases the event's villain, who we expect to also be the next playable character, Revenant. 

I usually get really into a battle royale for a few months and then ditch it forever, but the new Shadowfall limited time mode is really tempting me back to Apex Legends. When players are killed, they return as nasty undead monsters with supernatural speed and agility, all in the same team and all dedicated to wiping out the surviving players. Honestly, I don't know why you'd want to win if it means not being able to get undead superpowers. 

The mode takes place on a night version of the Kings Canyon map, and every Legend gets their own costume. I'm rather partial to Crypto's sexy Dracula costume, but they all look great.

We don't know much about the host of this spooky event yet. While he talks over the trailer, we don't get a good look at him, though that silhouette certainly looks robotic, suggesting that it is indeed Revenant. We know what Revenant looks like thanks to a leaked image of future Legends and some screenshots posted by Respawn, though we still don't know what his deal is.  

While it's unlikely he'll be playable straight away, expect to find out more about him when Fight or Fright begins later today.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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