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APB Reloaded will be protected by PunkBuster

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In the latest APB Reloaded Developer Blog , the team reveal how they'll be clamping down on cheaters with PunkBuster. Read on for the details.

Johann - the 'Pretty-Much-Anything' Engineer on APB Reloaded - explains on the blog that after experiencing a high level of difficulty implementing Punk Buster into APB, the system is now ready for use in Reloaded. "We've just completed a full upgrade of PunkBuster to the very latest version. I've been going over the issues we've seen before, and Even Balance is confident that all of them will be fixed in this version."

He also explained what Reloaded's anti-cheat policy would be: "If a player is positively identified as running a known aimbot, he/she will be immediately kicked from the district and a notification message will be sent to all other players in that district. The cheater's account and PC will be immediately banned for a period of time, during which the person will not be able to play using that account on any computer. If an aimbot is detected a second time, the account and computer will immediately be permanently banned, all monies paid will be forfeited and any upgrades or customizations will be revoked."

With the beta due to start in February , Johann has plans to ensure they make the most of the experience in regards to making APB as cheat-proof as possible. "We also plan to have anti-cheating enabled on all servers from the very start of Closed Beta, allowing us to get as much testing done as possible. That way if any more surprises turn up, we should have more than enough time to fix them."