APB: Reloaded New Breed update will bring Radar Jammers, Tommy Guns and a brick

Gamers First have released the details of a huge new update for APB: Reloaded. Patch 1.7.0 is being called 'New Breed part 1' and will bring new weapons, new mods, new characters and new challenges to the online cops and robbers sim. The new equipment will be doled out by two delightfully named new characters, Tiptoe for the criminals and Devil Dog for the enforcers. I bet he's a nice man. He sounds nice.

Check inside for more details.

New Modifications

  • Radar Jammer: This device covers enemy radars with your personal graffiti, keeping them from spotting you and your team.
  • Hard Landing: Equip this and your character will no longer be staggered by a big fall, instead they'll land lightly and be able to fight right away.
  • Brick: Drop a brick on your accelerator to keep your car going in a straight line after you've jumped out.
  • Valzipram Tablets: These drugs make you take less damage from being hit by cars... somehow.
  • Mobility Sling: Hang your weapon by a strap so you can move faster while aiming.
  • Tagger: Previously seen in the Valentine's day event, this mod puts a big target on anyone you shoot, so your team mates can spot them too.
  • Muzzle Brake (Horizontal): This mod lessens horizontal recoil at the expense of vertical. Perfect for those who want to aim 'gangster style'.

New Weapons

  • Low Yield Frag Grenades: These lighter grenades do less damage than standard frags, but you can carry three of them.
  • Tommy Gun: Another stowaway from the Valentines day event. Nothing says 'gangster' like a Chicago Typewriter.
  • Unique NTEC5 Skin: This customised weapon is the final reward from both contacts.

See the APB developer blog for more details.