APB player customisations will be preserved for Reloaded

APB thumb

If APB was notable for anything, it was the vast levels of customization that it allowed. Literally, if you could think it you could probably do it. GamersFirst are assuring players that the many hours they put into their creative endeavours will be preserved for when the game is resurrected as APB: Reloaded.

Posting on the APB: Reloaded blog , GamersFirst CEO Bjorn Book-Larsson said: “The goal is to let you keep ALL customizations you created using the old game. You will basically be unique thanks to you having played the game "back in the day" and our goal is to make sure your many gazillion of hours of investment do not go to waste.”

It's great news to hear that the APB resurrection project is going the whole nine yards and paying respect to those players who lost hours of their lives to customisation projects. The closed beta is due to start up next month.