Amp up with this Corsair TX650M PSU, just $75 after rebate

(Image credit: Corsair)

In the business of building a new PC? Or maybe you just need a new PSU? You can grab a pretty reasonable deal on the Corsair TX650M, which can be found nestled within Corsair's decidedly rich portfolio of PSUs using the Great Wall platform, responsible for the same company's SF450 and SF600 lines. 

You can pick up the Corsair TX 750M for $10 off right now at Newegg, down from its typical price of $105. There's also an optional $20 rebate card you can send off after purchase, which makes the unit just $75. The rebate comes by way of a $20 prepaid card from Corsair, which you'll have to print off a form and mail in to the company to receive. The offer ends on August 12, so you'll have to hurry if interested. 

In the event you're on the fence, this PSU offers solid value when placed up against similar PSUs (Gold+ 650W models), while still offering plenty of wattage to power most mid-tier PC builds.

Corsair TX650M PSU | $75 (save $35)

Corsair TX650M PSU | $75 (save $35)
Snag this semi-modular Corsair PSU for $30 off its usual price, thanks to a Newegg discount and $20 mail-in rebate card from Corsair, but hurry up – it's set to expire on August 12. 

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