Among Us officially crosses over with Fortnite

Among Us in Fortnite
(Image credit: Epic Games/Innersloth)

Epic's decision to add an overtly Among Us-like mode to Fortnite last year generated a little bit of friction with Innersloth, developer of the actual Among Us. The studio acknowledged that the mechanics of the game aren't new and "shouldn't be gatekept," but called out Epic for leaning heavily into Among Us specifically with "themes and terminology," including the name of the mode: Impostors.

The whole thing was more simmering heat than actual beef. Innersloth also said that "it would've been really, really cool" to work with Epic on a crossover, and then a couple months later the two studios teased an actual collaboration of some sort. And today, we have it: Not a new game mode, unfortunately, but more stuff you can buy.

From now until June 9, 2023—so, a year from now—anyone who buys Among Us from the Epic Games Store will get the Among Us back bling and emote for Fortnite for free. If you already own Fortnite on the Epic Store, you can get the gear by purchasing a Stars Pack instead.

The details:

  • Crewmate Back Bling: This comes with ten Styles based on Crewmate colors from Among Us: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Black, White, Yellow, Brown, and Purple. Assemble your squad and create a crew! 
  • Distraction Dance Emote: From our game The Henry Stickmin Collection, dance your way out of any situation!

Right now, making a purchase through the Epic Store is the only way to get the Among Us back bling and emote in Fortnite: The FAQ states that "this promotion is part of the Epic Mega Sale, and to get the cosmetics you must make the purchase on the Epic Games Store during the promotional window." It also states, however, that the items will be offered for sale in the Fortnite shop "at a later date." It also clarifies once the items are unlocked they'll be available on your account regardless of platform, although you may need to link your Epic account to your console account in order to access them there.

The Epic Games Mega Sale 2022, by the way, is live now and runs until June 16.

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