American Truck Simulator Oregon expansion due next week

We love cruising around in American Truck Simulator. It's one of the best ways to relax in PC gaming. Soon, as noted by RPS, we'll be able to glide through the beautiful climes of Oregon in a new expansion coming out next week.

In a series of blog posts exploring the large new map SCS detail Portland and Oregon's bridges.

The expansion features 5,000 miles of new roads, 14 major cities, 13 truck stops, over 700 new 3D assets, 25 "unique, complex and realistic custom-built junctions and interstate interchanges", 17 company docks and industries and a suite of famous landmarks including Mt Hood, Thor's Well, Crater Lake, Crooked River Valley, Yaquina Head Lighthouse and Youngs Bay Bridge.

SCS says that in order to model Oregon's natural terrain its system for "intelligent creation of rock formations has been further refined." Demonstrating Truck Simulator's endearing passion for small atmospheric touches, "several unique representatives of Oregon flora have also been identified. 

"For example, we have created a brand new thundercloud flowering plum tree for some of the urban areas."

Fans commenting on the new trailers reckon they've spotted some new trucks that haven't been announced yet. Keep an eye on the SCS blog for more in the run up to the Oregon expansion launch on October 4.

Tom Senior

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