AMD Crimson 16.11.3 hotfix drivers for Dishonored 2 now available

AMD sent along an email today letting us know that they would be posting another hotfix driver today, this time for Dishonored 2, which officially comes out tomorrow. That's good news as a few of our people have had early access to the game and are preparing a review, and so far their experience on AMD's cards has been more than a bit troubling. The drivers are now live on AMD's site, and you can find them at the usual place.

As for release notes, there's little to report. It looks like the site only has old release notes (from Crimson 16.9.2) and no mention is made of Dishonored 2. AMD's email is the only place with that information, which succinctly states "Support for Dishonored 2." The only other piece of information is that the drivers also fix a problem with Steam and Origin: "Steam and Origin will no longer terminate when using AMD X-Connect Technology on unplug."

I don't have access to the game yet, but we have a short performance overview. So far, the game appears to be quite demanding, but driver updates may improve the situation. I'll be looking at additional cards in more detail once the game is officially available.

Jarred Walton

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