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Amazon reckons it knows the Minecraft: Story Mode release date

Minecraft Story Mode
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Amazon reckons it has a release date for Minecraft: Story Mode, Telltale's upcoming narrative adventure set in the Minecraft world. Before I go on, I should point out that Amazon often seems to just make these things up so there's absolutely no guarantee that this date is anywhere close to the actual release date.

Just in case: Destructoid noticed an October 27 release date on (opens in new tab). I checked on (opens in new tab), and it's listing October 30 for the console versions—PS4, PS3, Xbox One and 360.

There's no PC listing on either site, and Steam has nothing either, but we can safely assume that the PC version will come out on the same day if Amazon hasn't just made it all up. doesn't have any box art or other imagery, but the UK site has a "not final art" placeholder that's basically the art from the website superimposed onto a box:

Minecraft Story Mode