Always Sometimes Monsters explores the most terrifying setting—the real world

Always Sometimes Monsters is a new experimental game from publisher Devolver Digital that features no aliens, monsters or spaceships. It's a horror game of sorts, but only because the human condition is pretty horrible, if you think about it.

A real-life roleplaying game, Always Sometimes Monsters features a character whose life is in the dumps. Their love life isn't going so hot, they're out of money, and things are getting a bit desperate. Retro art style and some nice music combine to make this one intriguing, off-beat little game.

“Always Sometimes Monsters aims to explore themes and issues of the modern world where decisions you make affect your life and the lives of those around you,” a release on Devolver Digital's site reads. “Start and end relationships with a colorful cast of characters, make an honest buck or lie for a few more dollars and deal with friendship and prejudice as you make your way through the modern grind.”

Devolver Digital is showing Always Sometimes Monsters off at PAX, so while you're waiting for the PC Gamer panels to start, be sure to stop by booth 871 and take a look. Any game that defies genre conventions and pushes gaming in a new direction is worth trying out.

Always Sometimes Monsters is due out on PC sometime in 2014.