All Walls Must Fall marks Berlin Wall anniversary with new trailer, 50 percent discount

After tinkering with All Walls Must Fall earlier this year, Tom billed the moody, futuristic Cold War shooter as "one to watch". To mark the 28th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, developer Inbetweengames has now launched a new trailer and has halved the game's Early Access price tag, should you wish to get eyes on it yourself. 

Comprised of three ex-Yager devs—whose back catalogue boasts the likes of Spec Ops: The Line and Dead Island 2—Inbetweengames' All Walls Must Fall is a musically-driven tech-noir tactics game that echoes both Crypt of the Necrodancer and XCOM. Set in a futuristic Berlin, players are tasked with utlising "time travel, social stealth and combat" in their bid to prevent nuclear war. 

Trailer time:

And here's a little excerpt from Tom's thoughts: 

When the flirting goes bad, the bouncers get mad. The game goes into combat mode when guns are drawn. In this state enemies only move when you take an action—by moving to an adjacent square, shooting or reloading. At this point the game starts to feel like a very pacey solo XCOM. To avoid taking a bullet you can park yourself behind medium or heavy cover, represented by XCOM-esque shield icons. You shoot back with a snap shot (left-click) that stuns, or an aimed shot (right-click) that does extra damage. Mercifully, the game tells you when Kai is about to take a hit, which gives you a chance to sidestep or use one of Kai's time travel skills to rewind, or teleport back to an earlier location. 

Having dipped my tapping toes into All Walls Must Fall earlier this year, I'd say its well worth a punt even at this stage. All going to plan, it'll launch in full at the beginning of next year—however it's on sale this week for £5.49/$7.49, with a 50 percent discount.