Guardians of the Galaxy: Where to find all the outfits

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There are several Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy outfits to collect and if you pre-ordered it, you'll get some sweet throwback threads, too. There are outfits for Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax and Rocket to find, and even some for Groot. If you manage to find and equip each outfit, you'll get the achievement, 'Fashion Passion', too. With all that in mind, let's get to finding those outfits.

All Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy outfits locations

Each character has a throwback outfit available if you pre-ordered the game. If you went with the deluxe version, you'll get two extra Star-Lord outfits called Sun-Lord and City-Lord, as well as his Team-Lord throwback outfit.

The rest of the Guardians get:

  •  Gamora: Black Vortex 
  •  Rocket: The Stinger 
  •  Drax: Thanos Imperative 
  •  Groot: Impaler 

There's an outfit to find in various chapters, usually hidden off the beaten track. It shouldn't take you very long to find them all as you progress through the story, so let's get started. Below you'll find descriptions of each Guardians of the Galaxy outfit location, or you can check out the video immediately below, courtesy of Legacy Gaming. 

Chapter 1

Rocket's movie outfit

In Chapter 1, you'll find Rocket's Guardians of the Galaxy movie outfit. After sliding down a metal ramp, you'll come to a fork in the road and Rocket will comment on the dead end to the right. If you walk to the right of the metal platform just before the fork, you can drop down to a corridor below and find his outfit.

Groot's movie outfit

Once you meet up with Groot, you'll enter the tunnels. On your right, there should be a pink, slimey wall illuminated by a red light with a hole in the bottom. Slide through that hole to get Groot's movie outfit.

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Chapter 2

Star-Lord: Nova-Lord outfit

After pushing a box in the tunnels to put out a fire, you'll have the option of encouraging Nikki or taking control. Once the choice is made, you should see a pipe behind where she's standing. Duck under it to find a new outfit for Star-Lord.

Chapter 3

Gamora's movie outfit

Once you've dealt with the jelly monsters, you'll wind up in a forest. Take a right at the massive red, ribbon-like plant and keep walking until you reach a cave entrance. There's some reddish goo to destroy that's blocking your path and then you'll have to deal with two jelly monsters. Shoot the grey goo to continue and squeeze through a narrow passageway to exit the cave. There should be a box containing Gamora's movie outfit to your right.

Groot: Five Horseman of the Apocalypse outfit

The second Chapter 3 outfit is designed for Groot, your giant tree buddy. After you've dealt with the slakebeasts, grab the electronic cage and get Groot to build a bridge. Once you cross the bridge, keep left and destroy some grey goo to enter a cave. Equip your elemental guns to freeze a section of the waterfall to create a climbable platform. Climb up and out of the cave and you'll find a new outfit on the cliff's edge.

Chapter 4

Drax's movie outfit

Okay, this is where things get a bit spoilery for Chapter 4. Where you can find these next two outfits depends on whether you sell Groot or Rocket, so let's take a look at both.

Sell Rocket: Once you've escaped the throne room, avoid the big rotating fan by shooting boxes found on your left. Follow the path around and the rest of your squad will head to the left, but you should carry on forwards. Jump across the platforms and you'll find Drax's outfit on the platform to your right.

Sell Groot: If you sell Groot, sneak back into her throne room and head behind the throne. Cross the room and at the opposite side, you'll find Drax's outfit.

Rocket: Five Horseman of the Apocalypse outfit

Sell Rocket: Once you reach the sewers, follow the path until you come to a junction. When everyone else heads right, you should stick to the left. At the end of the path, you'll find this shiny new outfit for Rocket.

Sell Groot: Make your way through the halls, avoiding the drunk guards as you go, until you reach the lift. After exiting the lift, your party will go left, but you should go right and launch yourself over the bar table. Go around the large circular table where the boxes are and you'll find a hole in the boxes you can pass through to find the outfit.

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Chapter 5

Drax: Nova Corps outfit

We're on to Chapter 5 now and you'll be faced with hacking the doors to the Nova Corps base. If you reroute power to the little locked door, you'll get a special outfit for Drax. Go through the door and head to the bathroom to find it.

Groot: Nova Corps outfit

After talking to the helmet, you'll immediately be entered into combat. After fighting off a bunch of enemies in the hall, you'll enter a room illuminated by an orange light with a big machine in the centre of it. You'll need to climb up the machine to exit the area, but before you do, head to the far corner of the room to find a new outfit for Groot.

Star-Lord's movie outfit

It's time for another new Star-Lord outfit, which you can find in Knowhere. Head towards the objective until you come across the big pink Spirit tree—there are small, green children playing at its base. Jump over the railing behind them and head under the stairs to find his movie outfit.

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Chapter 7

Rocket: Nova Corps outfit

You'll be able to find two more Nova Corps outfits, the first being for Rocket. After you've raised the platform in the circular room, you'll fight two waves on enemies as you head up. Eventually, you'll need to reroute power to the platform and you'll be faced with a choice of two rooms. Go to the room on the left and you can ask Groot to raise the platform while you're standing on it. There's a walkway above you and then a vent you can crawl through that leads to another room, where you can reroute power to open a door at the back. Head inside and claim your reward.

Gamora: Nova Corps outfit

You'll end up in a familiar area from Chapter 2, but if you can't find it, retrace your steps and head to Nikki's hideout. The area is flooded with electrified water, but you can reroute the power using your electrified guns to make it safe to cross. There are pipes that Gamora can cut down and you'll find a box with the outfit stashed inside.

Star-Lord: Bad-Lord outfit

After Drax launches himself into the red warp drive liquid, you can jump into the tunnel. Stick to the right and order Drax to carry the big pillar and drop it at the exit you just came from. Climb up the pillar and you'll see there's a room above, where you can find a new outfit.

Drax: Cage Match outfit

Carry on with the story until you have to hijack a few skiffs and reach the circular tower. Run around the other side of the platform to find a box hidden beside some large crates. 

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Chapter 10

Gamora: Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Once Mantis has joined your ranks you'll find a big waterfall. Guess what's behind it? If you said another outfit, you're right.

Rocket: Hero of Halfworld

You'll eventually stumble into a combat arena and face a new enemy. Once they're dealt with, head over to where Mantis is hanging around and you'll see a small hole in the rocks. Send Rocket through it and he'll blow up the rocks, forming a new passageway. Use Groot to reach a ledge above you and scale the rock edge, and you'll eventually find this new outfit for Rocket.

Groot: Annihilation Conquest 

You'll reach a stage in this chapter where it'll be pitch black—luckily for you, it's time for Groot to show off a new ability. Head through the area and just before you reach the exit, head to the right until you find a narrow crack in the wall. Pass through to find another outfit.

Chapter 12

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Drax: Thanos Imperative

We're at Chapter 12 now and there are quite a few outfits to find. First off is the Thanos Imperative for Drax. Once you exit the Milano and fight off a bunch of enemies, have Drax move the big yellow box that's under some machinery. Climb up and jump over the gap to find it.

Rocket: The Smuggler

Carry on until you reach the Marketplace and have dealt with all the enemies. If you follow the main path, you'll eventually find a door you can use the Wind Shot ability on and inside you'll find this outfit.

Groot: Impaler

Pass through the Marketplace and eventually, you'll reach an area where you'll find a dead end. You can push objects out the way to forge a path forward, but before you do that, retrace your steps and look towards the open space on your left. There should be an area you can use Wind Shot on before using Groot's bridging ability to form a path onwards. You'll reach a locked door, so shoot the covering above it off before using Lightning Shot to open the door. Head inside, shoot the damaged hatch with Lightning Shot and send Rocket through the vent. He'll turn off the power and you can nip across to get the outfit.

Gamora: Casual Kill

Follow the main path and eventually, you'll enter another combat scene—you'll be well used to this by now. After it's over, have Drax punch a hole in the floor and slide down. Once you've reached the bottom, rather than jumping the gap, spin around and head through the crawlspace to get the outfit.

Star-Lord: Apocalypse-Lord

Once you've watched the cutscene with Cosmo, there will be a combat scene in a snowy area. After everyone is defeated, use Drax's platform-lifting powers to raise one up and reach the next level. Then, head to the right and use Gamora to climb another level and get Star-Lord's new outfit.

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Chapter 13

Gamora: Black Vortex

You should now be on Maklu IV. After the first fight, look to the right of the vines and use Gamora's ability to reach the top of the rock. Jump the gap and the outfit is yours.

Groot: Five O'clock Sprouts

Keep going and eventually, there will be a second combat sequence with a worm thing. Once it's dealt with, smash your way through the ice and use Groot's ability to form a path. You'll enter a room filled with gas, so turn around and look for a small alcove to find the box with the outfit.

Star-Lord: War-Lord

You should now have Star-Lord's Plasma Shot and you're on your way into yet another cave. Eventually, you'll need to shoot bits of ice off the ceiling to form a path. Once you reach the little pool, look up at the roof of the cave. Shoot the ice and a platform will fall, then use Groot's ability to reach a small alcove halfway up the cave wall. There should be a new outfit waiting for you. 

Rocket: The Stinger

By this point, you'll have spotted the Wendigo and passed through the forest full of poisonous plants. What a delightful place! Pass the two red trees and keep right and you'll reach an area still full of plants spewing gas. Use that Plasma Shot you just got to destroy them and you'll spot the box with the outfit in the middle of the area.

Drax: Katathian Monk

You'll pass through a burning village, slide down some ice and find a new path in this next part of your journey. Follow the path and look out for some plants on your left that you can use Fire Shot on. You will then be able to climb up the cliffside and at the top is a new outfit for Drax.

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Chapter 14

Star-Lord: Team-Lord

We're in the endgame now! You'll be glad to know that here are three more outfits to find. Once you've landed on Sacrosanct and have fought off a bunch of enemies, you'll enter a very long room. Use Wind Shot to lift up bits of metal that can shield you from the big fan and let you progress and eventually, you'll find a big yellow container on your lift that you can climb. Keep going until you reach the higher level of the room and when the fan stops, jump up the platform and use Wind Shot to prevent being blown back. Once the fan stops, jump across and get the outfit.

Drax: Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Once you're out of the big room, you'll enter an outdoor area with lots of big turrets. Eventually, you'll reach a fork in the road so head to the right. Jump over the gap and use Fire Shot to melt the ice ahead. Keep going and climb up the two platforms to get Drax's new outfit,

Gamora: Chosen Daughter

And the last outfit is for Gamora. After dealing with three waves of enemies—and it is quite a tough battle—use Fire Shot on the ice while Rocket is hacking turrets. Get Gamora to smash through the pipes and in the corridor, you'll find the final outfit.

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