Aliens have begun abducting Fortnite players

fortnite season 7
(Image credit: Epic Games)

A new twist has arrived in Fortnite's absurd, never-ending narrative, as aliens have reportedly begun snatching players straight out of the battle royale.

As reported by The Gamer, a number of Fortnite players have reported being "abducted" by UFOs that have begun circling over murder island. The kidnappings seem to be limited to Risky Reels, with recordings showing players engulfed in a flash of green light before being dumped in a field—their memories presumably wiped from whatever went on aboard the spacecraft.

Another Redditor gave us a look at the abduction from the outside, as a hapless player is slowly, yet surely, sucked into a tunnel of light. Now, were I a particularly callous gamer, I'd reckon these onlookers would make for a great way to pad-out your battle royale score.

Aliens have been teasing their arrival in Fortnite for some time, with crop circles, downed helicopters and cryptic radio messages foreshadowing their arrival. It sounds like straight-up abductions are still somewhat rare, though I'd imagine they'll ramp up in frequency as we approach whatever Independence Day-style scenario is about to hit Fortnite.

That cataclysm will likely happen once Season 6 gives way to Season 7. The current season is slated to end next Monday, June 7th. For a better hint of what crossovers may come with the new season, I can only recommend checking out, err, Donald Mustard's reading list?

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