Where to find CB radios in Fortnite

fortnite cb radio
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Fortnite season 7 is arriving very soon, and Epic has been teasing some sort of alien UFO plot with the Foreshadowing quests. Last week, players had to find a downed black helicopter. This new Foreshadowing quest asks you to find CB radios around the Fortnite map—five of them to be specific. They'll all play a new message for you that hints at plot developments leading into season 7.

Unlike some other challenges, the in-game map doesn't show you where to head, so don't run around looking in every corner for a radio. We've done the hard work of scouring the map and finding every CB radio location for you.

CB radio locations

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All CB radios look pretty much exactly like the one you see at the top of the page. A small metal box with old school antennas sticking out. Unfortunately, they're all spread out a ways from one another.

CB radio location 1: On the coast northeast of Steamy Stacks. You'll find it sitting on a table next to a shipping container.

CB radio location 2: A few yards north of that radio tower/helipad place.

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CB radio location 3: North of Stealthy Stronghold, under a small shack on stilts.

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CB radio location 4: On a small island on the west side of Slurpy Swamp, next to another shipping container.

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CB radio location 5: Head to the dance lodge on top of the southern mountain. You'll find the CB radio under a set of stairs in the back of the building's exterior.

fortnite cb radios

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Once you interact with the fifth CB radio, you'll earn a cool 24,000 XP. Don't forget to listen to the messages being played on the radio for more teasers to Fortnite season 7's theme.

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