Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer out, release date set for Spring 2012

[VAMS id="1f452wHXoLnJP"]

Sega have just sent word that Aliens: Colonial Marines will be coming out in Spring next year. The new teaser trailer above is designed to whet our appetite ahead of a full showing at E3 2011 next week. Colonial Marines is a co-operative squad shooter that pits players against probably the most feared aliens in science fiction, the eyeless Xenomorphs. As well as the video, there's also a brand new screenshot, which you'll find embedded below. For more information, head over to the new Aliens: Colonial Marines site.

The game's being developed by the creators of Brothers in Arms and Borderlands, Gearbox. There's been no news on the game for a long time, since Gearbox picked up on development of Duke Nukem Forever. Now the Duke has gone gold , Gearbox are getting back to the promising Aliens themed squad shooter. Co-op combat against hordes of Xenomorphs sounds like an excellent prospect. We'll get to see much more at E3 2011, which kicks off next week.

Tom Senior

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