Alien: Isolation's Trauma DLC out now


A new bit of Alien: Isolation DLC has just released. Trauma is a three-map Survivor Mode pack staring a new character, Chief Medical Officer Lingard, in a set of missions set before the main game. How different an experience it will be is debatable. Lingard, like Ripley, is well versed at hiding in lockers and being brutally murdered by an extra-terrestrial being.

"Racked with guilt and feeling responsible for bringing the creature on board, she holds herself liable for the death and destruction that ravages the station as the Alien is unleashed," explains the press release.

"Wanting to ensure that her research on the creature can never fall into the wrong hands, Lingard sets out to destroy all the data and do as much as she can to help the remaining survivors."

This is one of five add-on packs planned for Isolation. Corporate Lockdown is already out, and ‘Safe Haven’, ‘Lost Contact’ and ‘The Trigger’ are all forthcoming.

Phil Savage

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