Alien: Isolation's Oculus Rift demo just a prototype, no VR version in active development

Richard Wordsworth had a grand, terrifying old time with the Oculus Rift demo for Alien: Isolation, but it looks like it will remain just that, for the time being at least: a demo. Speaking to Eurogamer , Sega confirmed that "it's just a prototype and does not represent a game currently in development at this point in time". After watching the following trailer for said prototype, your boos and hisses are likely to increase in both volume and frequency.

The prototype uses the latest version of Oculus Rift: Development Kit 2. As you can see/probably imagine, it looks pretty impressive—I like that you have to physically look down at your hands to check out the motion tracker. Even if a full VR version of Alien: Isolation doesn't end up being made, hopefully this demo will be made available to the public outside of expos at some point.

Here's Sega's full statement on the matter:

"At present, it's just a prototype and does not represent a game currently in development at this point in time. It's a truly amazing experience though and brings the game to life in ways we could not have imagined when we started the project. It's one of the most terrifying demos you'll ever play."

Alien: Isolation is out October 7th, and you'll have to view it on your monitor/TV for the moment.

Thanks, Eurogamer .

Tom Sykes

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