Agents of Mayhem teases supercharged vehicles in Knight Rider-inspired trailer

Announced almost a year ago, Volition's Agents of Mayhem shares "certain story elements, symbolism, and design inspiration" from the developer's typically off-the-wall Saints Row series while taking place in the same overarching universe. 

Despite its flashy appearance, Wes was underwhelmed by its Crackdown-meets-Overwatch vibe last month, however its latest trailer is determined to wow with an array of explosions, mid-air stunts, and sentient Knight Rider-like cars. 

Over to that below:

Publisher Koch Media explains that when the Agents of Mayhem aren't flaunting their supernatural powers by foot, they're often found touring Seoul in a "fleet of luxury vehicles created by the automotive genius of the ARK, Quartermile." It also describes that thusly:

"Quartermile takes his love of luxury cars seriously and treats them with the love and respect they deserve. Like a kid in a candy store in the MAYHEM Motor Pool; Quartermile gives gleeful demonstrations of his high security, combat ready vehicles followed by a written test before they any Agents are issued with one. 

"He takes it as an insult if Agents are careless with his creations, which they usually are. Just for fun, each car has an AI for Agents to chat with as they drive. Afterall, who doesn’t love a talking car?"  

Agents of Mayhem is due on PC August 15 in the US and August 18 everywhere else. More information can be found via the game's official site.