Age of Empires 2 modder remakes Skyrim as an RTS, and you can play it soon

Age of Empires 2 Skyrim
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I've been playing Skyrim for a whopping 12 years thanks to its hard-working mod community, constantly downloading new quests, texture packs and ambitious features. But long before that I was spending my days playing through custom scenarios and fiddling around with the map editor in Age of Empires 2—the genesis of my love for modding. And thanks to Age of Empires 2 modder Grouchy_Bluejay4511, both of these brilliant games have now been combined. 

Over on Reddit, Grouchy shared screenshots of their current project, where they've remade Skyrim in the venerable RTS. The first is unmistakably Whiterun, with the Jarl's fancy home, Dragonsreach, looming over the city. Smaller settlements have also been recreated in less detail, and you can see Helgen (on fire, naturally), Riverwood and Ivarstead surrounding High Hrothgar, sitting on the Throat of the World, in the second screenshot. 

Even just using AoE2 assets, these locations are pretty recognisable, even Markarth, in the third screenshot, where Grouchy has used Aztec buildings to capture the settlement's unique appearance.  

In a separate post, Grouchy shared even more screenshots, showing off spooky Castle Volkihar, where the vamps hang out in the Dawnguard expansion; Winterhold, along with its magical college; and a few other locations. 

As for how it plays, it seems to be—rather appropriately—an RPG/RTS hybrid, where you'll be able to take charge of one of Skyrim's holds as you try to claim dominance of the region. Expect more than 50 quests and 100 unique characters, to boot. 

Grouchy hasn't shared a link yet, unfortunately, as they are still polishing the mod after catching "a few final bugs" after posting the screenshots. If you're eager to conquer Skyrim, though, you won't have long to wait. Grouchy expects to publish it on Steam Workshop by Saturday. 

This has arrived at the perfect time for me, as I'm once again replaying Skyrim, this time on my Steam Deck. So I've got the itch, and this mod sounds like another good way to scratch it.  


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