After 2,000 hours in Stardew Valley, one player has the earth-shattering realisation: they can tuck their plushies into bed

A picture of a cosy bedroom in Stardew Valley, complete with a plushie who is NOT in bed like they are supposed to be.
(Image credit: ConcernedApe)

Code red, code red: you might have been keeping your Stardew plushies cold for no good reason. In a thread that hit over 7,000 upvotes on the Stardew subreddit, user youkaymelis writes: "I have over 2,000+ hours in this game and just accidently found out you can tuck in your plushies," accompanied by a picture of their discovery.

A Stardew Valley player stands flabbergasted in their room after realising they can tuck their plushies into bed. N'aw.

(Image credit: User youkaymelis on Reddit / ConcernedApe)

It's taken on a phone, which I can only assume is because they were so staggered by the weight of this revelation they temporarily forgot about the screenshot key—which is fair, considering I, and several others on the thread, had no idea this was even possible.

Comment from r/StardewValley
Comment from r/StardewValley
Comment from r/StardewValley
Comment from r/StardewValley

According to youkaymelis, they achieved this feat of adorable engineering by simply placing their teddy in the bed, after accidentally missing their plushie's usual spot. User NekoHartia also shared a similar revelation they had after logging similar hours, realising that they can plonk hats on their sea urchins.

It's been an exciting year in general for Stardew players after an unexpected content update was announced in May. This came as a surprise to most as Eric Barone AKA ConcernedApe—Stardew's creator—is still working on his new game, Haunted Chocolatier. 

I wouldn't put it past him to sneak a few more surprise mechanics in 1.6, considering his penchant for chaos. In the same month he tweeted out the words "Iridium Scythe" and Stardew fans went fucking feral like it was some sleeper agent activation phrase.

While this wild discovery isn't going to change the meta for most farmers, it's a far more wholesome alternative to stuffing 63 spouses into your bed. Next time I return to the valley for a little relaxation, you bet I'll be keeping my plushies nice and warm. 

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