Where to activate a rift in Fortnite

fortnite activate rift
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Fortnite season 6 week 9's new challenges are here, and players have another chance to earn some bonus XP. This week, the usual assortment of challenges are here, asking you to survive the battle royale as long as possible. But one challenge is a little unique.

This week, Epic wants you to activate a rift by purchasing one from an NPC somewhere on the map.

The good news is that multiple NPCs will sell you a rift, which basically acts as a getaway, sending you into the sky for a second drop. The bad news is that not all of them spawn every time, so you can waste a lot of time searching for one.

NPC location: Where to activate a rift

You'll find one NPC that A) sells a rift and B) always spawns at Lazy Lake. This alternate form of Jonesy can be found in the south end of Lazy Lake, in the fairly large building that's part-hotel and part-restaurant with the pool in the backyard.

fortnite activate rift

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Jonesy tends to walk around the entryway on the north side of the building. Just look out for his speech bubble icon floating in the air to get an idea of where he is.

Once you see him, interact with Jonesy and choose the "activate rift" option. You'll need 250 gold bars to pull this off, so make sure you're properly wealthy.

fortnite activate rift

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Once you activate the rift, you'll automatically be teleported back into the sky above your current location. Rifts are perfect for making a quick getaway or vertically flanking an enemy player, but to be honest, you probably want to just spend your gold bars on exotic weapons and whatnot.

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