Teen Titans' Beast Boy joins Fortnite as a new skin

fortnite beast boy
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Like a lot of you, I grew up watching Cartoon Network's Teen Titans. Sure, Robin was badass, Raven was chill, and Starfire was cute. But Beast Boy? Beast Boy was a bro. Which is why I'm glad that A) he's stuck around in the DC fandom conscience since his original rise and that B) he's now getting turned into a gorilla-sized skin in Fortnite.

How appropriate, considering Beast Boy's longtime girlfriend Raven, who joined the Fortnite universe as a season 6 battle pass skin.

Thankfully, getting Beast Boy won't involve a whole lot of jumping through some hoops. Here's how to get Beast Boy in Fortnite

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How to get Beast Boy: Fortnite item shop

Beast Boy is coming to the Fortnite item shop on May 13 at 8 PM ET. We don't know yet how many V-bucks he'll cost, but the good news is that he'll be coming with a solid arrangement of cosmetics.

There's the Beast Bat pickaxe, a baseball bat wrapped in BB's trademark green and purple colors. Then there's the absolutely lovely Couch Titan back bling, basically a pizza strapped to an Xbox controller, totally in line with Beast Boy's frat boy (but like...the good kind) mentality.

As you'd hope, Beast Boy comes with a built-in emote that lets him turn into a big ol' green gorilla. Personally I was hoping to shoot dudes while looking like a bipedal tiger, but you take what you can get in life, right?

Finally, Beast Boy is coming to Fortnite with two outfit styles. One is his classic teen Titan bodysuit, while the other is his more casual hoodie and jeans combo for taking Raven out on nature hikes that she begrudgingly agrees to.

fortnite beast boy

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Beast Boy: Teen Titans Cup

If you're feeling a little feral, Beast Boy can be obtained early by winning in the upcoming Teen Titans Cup. Like tournaments in the past, you'll need to log in at a specific time and earn enough points to land in the top bracket of competitors.

Players who earn at least eight points will earn the BBRae loading screen, which shows Raven and BB going on a pleasant forest walk with their animal friends. Anyone who participates, even without earning any points, will earn a new spray with BB and Raven taking a selfie. Ugh, love.

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The Teen Titans Cup starts on May 12. For more details, just check out the Compete tab on the Fortnite main menu.

Check out our Fortnite hub for more challenge guides and walkthroughs. Don't forget that the Batman/Fortnite crossover comic is still rolling along, if you haven't gotten your fill of DC characters kicking the crap out of Jonesy and the crew.

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