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Acer’s 24-inch 1440p Predator monitor overclocks to 165Hz, costs $500

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There's a new Predator on the loose, this one a 23.8-inch monitor from Acer with a 2560x1440 resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate that can be pushed to 165Hz.

The XB241YU uses a TN (Twisted Nematic) panel to reach those speeds rather than an In-Plane Switching (IPS) screen, but according to Acer, it supports 100 percent coverage of the sRGB color gamut for accurate color reproduction. The panel also boasts a ZeroFrame design, though some users have taken issue with that claim (opens in new tab) in regards to other similarly marketed Predator monitors.

That aside, this monitor is another of a growing number of monitors focused on speed. In addition to the overclockable refresh rate, it supports Nvidia G-Sync for smooth frames and to virtually eliminate stuttering, and has a rated 1ms response  time.

"We believe this powerful WQHD monitor in a ZeroFrame design and NVIDIA G-Sync offers a compelling feature set for gamers, including those competing in eSports," said Ronald Lau (opens in new tab), director of stationary computing for Acer America. "The ZeroFrame design makes it a perfect choice for those wanting to create an immersive multi-monitor setup, while the fast refresh rate and support for changing settings in-game, gives gamers a competitive edge."  

The Predator XB241YU has a built-in USB 3.0 hub (1 up, 4 down) and a pair of 2W stereo speakers.

There's a quick release to detach the monitor to a wall via VESA mounts. Otherwise, the stand supports height adjustments up to 5.9 inches, along with tilt and swivel.

Finally, connectivity consists of DisplayPort v1.2 and HDMI ports.

You can order the Predator XB241YU (opens in new tab) now in the U.S. for $500.

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