Acer 34-inch ultra wide IPS monitor down to £490

It's not exactly the beastly Acer Predator XB321HK 4K monitor, our current pick for the best 4K gaming monitor, but the lower end Acer BX340CK offers some good features while saving you a couple of hundred pounds. Plus, you'll find some money off right now over on eBuyer, where it's on sale for £490

What you get for that money is a nice and large 34-inch display, using IPS panel technology, which is generally what you want for gaming. IPS pushes the price up, but the better picture quality and more vibrant colors are often worth it. The Acer BX340CK is an ultrawide monitor, so you'll be getting a resolution of 3440x1440 with an aspect ratio of 21:9. The Tearing Prevention Technology is listed as Adaptive Sync, which essentially means it supports AMD's FreeSync without actually having the name on it. 

The main decision to make here is whether you want to go for an ultrawide monitor over a standard 16:9. It's not curved, like a lot of the best 34-inch wide monitors are, nor is it as good as the Asus PG348Q, which is currently our favorite widescreen monitor. But the Asus monster is almost double the price of the Acer BX340CK, and the Acer is also currently a little cheaper than our favorite FreeSync monitor, the Asus MG279Q. Big monitors like this often go for £600 and above, so you're dropping a few nice features like G-Sync with high variable refresh rates to keep the price on the more reasonable end. 

£490 on eBuyer is cheaper than it's ever been on Amazon, where it's currently sitting at £518. The price has been fluctuating between £600 and £500 for a couple of months now, so it's currently in a dip if you're looking to take the plunge. 

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