Absolver is free to play for the weekend on Steam

Absolver is an online RPG-action game, released last year, about martial artists named Prospects wandering the fictional world of Adal in an endless quest to prove their worthiness by beating each other up. It's currently on sale on Steam for half-price—that's $15/£12.50/€15—and even better, it's free to play for the weekend. 

Despite being a bit of a tough nut to crack, we liked Absolver quite a bit: Tyler said in his 78/100 review that "a great customizable fighting system and a cooperative spirit fill the empty spaces in a bleak open world." 

"Absolver's world could use a bit of levity, but the mood of most of its population is cooperative and friendly so far," he wrote. "When it comes to getting us to act like fighters who respect our fellow fighters, even despite the frustration of steep level and skill gaps, Absolver's strange synthesis of Journey and martial arts has succeeded." 

Absolver will be free to play on Steam until 10 am PT on August 6, while the sale price will be in place until the same time on August 10. Sloclap and Devolver Digital also teased "a fantastic, mysterious new expansion," set to come to the game in the fall, "that will introduce a whole new way to experience the world of Adai." 

Andy Chalk

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