Abandon Ship flaunts exploding boats, customisation, sea monsters in Early Access launch trailer

Abandon Ship's been on our radar since giving its first public demonstration at the PC Gamer Weekender 2017. Now it's ceremonially launched itself into Steam's Early Access initiative and celebrates with a trailer. 

Full, ahem, steam ahead:

At present, Abandon Ship's main story takes "between 7-10 hours" to complete depending on how much you choose to explore. In doing so, you'll travel through a number of biomes, battle a range of weather conditions, choose from eight classes of ship—"with variants on top of that"—arm yourself with dozens of weapons and upgrades, and visit "several unique locations."

The current build also promises a tutorial, and a boss fight with a Kraken. To be honest, I'm pretty sold on that alone. 

"There is also a separate mode that focuses on Combat and takes about 30-40 minutes to play through," so says the game's Steam blurb—before pointing us towards this Early Access roadmap

If any of that floats your boat/revs your engine/evokes a less on-the-nose cliche, know that Abandon Ship's pre-release iteration costs £12.74/$16.99 on Steam with a limited-time 15 percent discount.