A Wreck-It Ralph 2 event is probably coming to Fortnite

Wreck-It Ralph has snuck into Fortnite, likely teasing a larger Disney crossover similar to the Thanos event for Avengers: Infinity War. So far, it’s just a cameo, but with Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet now on big screens in the US, we might be seeing more of the reformed video game villain soon. 

Ralph appears at the Risky Reels drive-in, briefly popping up on the screen to wave before vanishing again, as spotted by LootLake.net

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Fortnite makes some cameos in Ralph Breaks the Internet, too. Ralph does a bit of flossing (not of the dental variety) in one of the trailers, for instance, and while that’s not unique to Fortnite, the dance move have become inextricably linked to the game thanks to the legions of kids performing it in an infinite loop. 

There’s a good chance Ralph’s appearance in Fortnite is much more than a quick cameo, however, and we might see a new limited time event launch while the movie is still in cinemas. 

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