A new Xbox Elite wireless controller may be in the works

Image source: Reddit

Microsoft's Xbox Elite controller is spectacularly good—"an elite controller for the elite gamer," as we described it in our 95/100 review—and it only fails to claim the title of "best controller" in our buyers guide because it's so damned expensive. (Still the best choice for people who own Swedish headphones made of volcanic glass, though.) So it is with interest that we take note of the fact, via Engadget, that Microsoft may be working on a new one. 

If the leaked information on Baidu and Reddit is correct, the new Elite will support Bluetooth wireless connectivity, a USB-C wired connection, a magnetic charging connector similar to Apple's MagSafe hookup, a built-in battery pack, and—via The Verge—three-level Hair Trigger locks, longer travel on the paddles, and a three-profile switch. There also appears to be an adjustable tension setting for the thumbsticks, a technology that Microsoft filed a patent for in 2016. 

None of this is confirmed, obviously, but it's an easy enough rumor to believe. The original Xbox Elite controller was rolled out in October 2015 and so in terms of technological evolution it's getting a little long in the tooth. But why mess with success? A slightly updated Elite would also presumably push down the price of an Elite OG, perhaps making it more accessible to gamers who balked at the $150 price tag. 

Andy Chalk

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