A new Rust update promises to make the gunplay feel more like a 'traditional' FPS

The latest update to the multiplayer survival goat rodeo Rust makes what sounds like a number of fairly significant changes to gameplay, particularly regarding guns, which for better or worse are an important part of the game. Facepunch's Maurino Berry explained in Devblog 162 that the changes to firearms—three of them, really—are meant to address complaints that the recoil in Rust is "screwy and unfun," and collectively make the action "feel a little bit more in line with traditional first-person shooters." 

"First, you're going to notice less horizontal recoil so it'll be easier to maintain your target. Secondly, you're going to notice that, for rifles, the first shot is pretty much dead accurate and the longer you hold down the trigger the more inaccurate it gets by way of an increasing aimcone. This means you'll be able to tap at targets for high accuracy or you can risk spraying more rounds down range which are less likely to hit their targets," Berry wrote. "Lastly, I've implemented recoil compensation. This means if you're holding down the trigger and the weapon is riding up, as soon as you let go of the trigger it will correct back to the original aim position." 

The cost of weapons have been adjusted slightly as well: The Thompson now costs ten HQM (high quality metal) less to craft than prior to the update, while the pump shotgun and laser sight cost five HQM less. Shotgun accuracy is also going up a bit thanks to the discovery that accuracy "cones" were actually being calculated as accuracy "pyramids." And if, for some reason, you don't like the new recoil compensation feature, it can be disabled by entering "player.recoilcomp false" at the console. 

Other changes in the update include the addition of drop boxes, the return of dynamic moon phases, and the start of a "much-need overhaul" of Hapis Island. A quick rundown of everything new and changed can be pumped directly into your eyeballs via the update video below.

Andy Chalk

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