A glimpse of rivers in the Minecraft Adventure Update

Minecraft Adventure Update - Rivers

We're starting to think we should set up some sort of alarm signal so we know when Notch tweets an awesome new Minecraft image, perhaps a Batman style spotlight, but with a silhouette Notch's top hat instead of a bat.

Anyway, rivers! That's the subject of the latest picture, which shows a lovely shot of one coiling through some mountains. Here's the full version "Ok, rivers are working." tweets Notch. "I'm knee deep in this code now, and I'm getting scared. I think I need coffee."

Rivers are one of the many, many features that are being gradually added to the Adventure Update. Other additions include the sinister Endermen , an XP system and NPC villages. Hopefully it will also include the dramatic underground ravines that Notch has previously teased. There's no release date for the Adventure Update just yet.

Tom Senior

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