A Day In The Life Of Max Payne

What does Max do when he's not being tortured by horrible memories of his past? He eats BREAKFAST. And goes to the PARK. And DIVES AT STUFF. A LOT. This terrific fan-video does a great job of copying Max Payne 3's cinematic style, with some wonderful bits of black comedy thrown into the mix. If you could ever take a man named Max Payne seriously before, you never will again.

And that's not the only cool gaming thing you'll find on this guy's gaming channel, though the other one we particularly liked is a bit more consoley. Still, talent like this must be shared...

Why did we never get Red Dead Redemption? Sigh. We could have been such friends.

If you want more Payne, try smashing your head into a brick wall. For Max Payne, try it with a window. But if it's Max Payne 3 you crave, don't forget the Local Justice DLC, as seen in this trailer.