3v3 hero shooter Rocket Arena is free to play for the weekend

(Image credit: EA)

Rocket Arena is a colorful and boisterous 3v3 arena hero shooter that arrived earlier this month. With small maps, short rounds, and no deaths—rockets don't hurt you, they just knock you briefly out of play—the action is pretty much constant from start to finish. You can watch a preview below (and here on YouTube) from when I tried it out back in June.

Rocket Arena sells for $30 on Steam (or just $5 on Origin right now), but this weekend you can rocket-jump in without paying a dime. If you want to play on Steam, you can download it for free right now and play until August 3. On Origin, the free period begins tomorrow morning, and you'll also get a special outfit for your heroes. 

Modes include the basics like control point battles and team deathmatch (though there's no death, so it's called Knockout), but there's also a fun Rocket Ball mode where teams try to score goals on each other, Rocket League-style. Now's your chance to try it out risk-free if you've been curious.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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