30,000 FIFA cheaters whacked with retrospective red cards

A football referee holding up a red card.
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It's an interesting time to be a FIFA fan. This year's entry may be the best yet, and it may also be the last in the series to bear the FIFA name. FIFA itself says it's taking its ball home, and looking for someone else to play with. Over on the other pitch, eFootball's having an absolute 'mare (though whether it deserves to be the worst-rated game in Steam's history is debateable). Meantime life goes on, millions of players are having their virtual football jollies, and some naughty types have been taking advantage of exploits to dodge losses.

Last week EA noticed an exploit in FUT Champions, probably due to a semi-viral TikTok video, which allowed players to exit losing matches without the loss being counted. The developer patched the issue quickly, saying "we resolved an issue in FUT Champions that could allow players to leave a match without suffering a loss," but adding the warning that "we are identifying players that exploited this issue and will be following up with them directly."

The follow-up has arrived and, having identified the accounts that used this behaviour "consistently", EA has retrospectively banned over 30,000 players from FIFA 22 online for a week.

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Amusingly enough, loads of the cheaters are tweeting back in panic at the EA announcement, saying the ban has been mistakenly applied for 1,000 days. EA says this is just a display glitch and the bans are all for a week.

There are even those who think that taking advantage of such an exploit shouldn't be punished: when, after all, it's in the game. Such arguments can inspire extreme positions, such as Gegarzon's impassioned outburst.

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Yes! Let justice rain from the heavens! SO ALL BANS ARE DESERVED.

FIFA 22 has also just received an update on PC, fixing a raft of minor issues, and no doubt you'll all be delighted to know that beards now display correctly when creating an avatar. We reckoned this year's entry played a good game but, as ever, the controversy around FUT's monetisation remains a major sticking point. Still let's enjoy it while we can: EA Sports FC bans 30,000 players just doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

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