2K Games teases Advent with the sinister promise of a better tomorrow


2K Games has teased something called Advent with a pair of tweets that went up on its official account earlier today. "Luxury for the privileged few is outdated," the first tweet states. "This is the future of urban living." But things quickly take a turn for the sinister.

Both tweets include images of a gleaming city, overlaid with the message, "Move in today and start living in the world of tomorrow!" But every now and then, the second image, posted a couple hours after the first, flashes red for a second or two, and the message changes: "Move in today and fear the world of tomorrow!"

Things are similarly ominous over at AdventFuture.org, a website inviting the citizenry to "prosper together," even as less-happy messages like, "The Advent is lying to you," and "We are still watching," occasionally turn up. Interestingly, it appears that Advent is a lot more than just a swanky place to live.

"Advent gene therapy will free you from illness," the site states. "Our citizens no longer fear the diseases and disabilities that plagued past generations. A complex and cutting edge system of DNA splicing has led to cures not only for the viruses and infections that for millennia haunted us, but for mental illnesses as well. Come discover an Illness free world with us."

It's a little heavy-handed—the Advent folks can build the most advanced and secure city centers the world has ever seen, but nobody thinks to check the website once in awhile?—but I really dig the teaser site's "They Live" vibe. I expect we'll hear a lot more about it at E3, and in the meantime I'll say it right here and now: If 2K announces that Keith David is in the cast, I will put on those glasses without a word of complaint.

Andy Chalk

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