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1980s-set police adventure Beat Cop out next week

Beautiful pixel art police procedural Beat Cop was supposed to release late last year, but it was delayed to Spring 2017, to give developer Pixel Crow time to make a few improvements. My personal groundhog informs me that it's now Spring 2017, and hey, Beat Cop is coming out next week. On March 30, to be precise. It's a top-down, non-linear adventure game about a beat cop (you), who has to defend the streets of Brooklyn from 1980s bad guys, while eating tasty-looking donuts and, shhh, maybe taking the odd bribe if you're determined to head down a crooked path.

In advance of Beat Cop's release, publisher 11 Bit Studios has released a new trailer telling you what the game is all about. I'm not sure about the swear-laden dialogue (that doesn't seem very '1980s cop show' to me), but just look at these gorgeous city scenes, which are absolutely teeming with life:

You can find Beat Cop on Steam, on GOG, and from the Humble Store.