$10m Dying Light edition now on sale

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Dying Light

We thought Dying Light was solid (opens in new tab). Chris liked it's latest expansion, The Following, even more (opens in new tab). But while it might be a game you'd be content to pay full price for, I suspect even the wealthy and fiscally irresponsible among us would stop short of shelling out $10 million for the Dying Light Spotlight Edition.

The Spotlight Edition gets you four copies of Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition (opens in new tab)—very nice, that's $240 accounted for. You can do the voice work for protagonist Kyle Crane in a special Dying Light edition, and claim a zombie special effects make-up session whenever you feel like. There's also an off-road driving course for that Following dirt buggy experience (opens in new tab), but these are all trinkets really.

Dying Light The-Spotlight-Edition

The big money gets spent on the Dying Light movie, which is a thing that exists, apparently. A worrying indictment of its potential quality, the Spotlight Edition buys you a supporting role with lines and an action scene. Assuming you're not a trained actor already with that sort of cash kicking around, Roger Craig Smith will give you acting lessons to accompany your stunt training, or you can delegate to a stunt double. There's a press tour, VIP opening night tickets, and, if that's not enough, a signed copy of the script.

Wait, it gets stranger! The Spotlight Edition can't be bought just anywhere. No, it's exclusive to famed high-end boutique, Game, although there's a whole lot of small print (opens in new tab) on the listing.

If you buy this, I worry you might be single-handedly funding the film.