Dying Light: The Following trailer shows off buggy customisation

Dying Light The Following

It has to be said: Dying Light was one of the better supported games of 2015. In addition to regular updates, studio Techland provided some flexible modding tools, which the community has wielded in some impressive ways. The forthcoming expansion, The Following, is looking pretty meaty too. So meaty, that another studio might consider releasing it as a standalone.

In addition to a huge new rural area to explore, The Following will include buggies. Vehicles in open-world games tend to be pretty simple affairs, but judging by the new gameplay trailer below, the ones in The Following allow a lot of customisation. Not only aesthetically, but also to performance. In addition to upgrades, the brief snippets shown of the game's customisation menus show that quite a bit of tinkering will be allowed for.

Dying Light: The Following will release on February 9. Here's 16 minutes of gameplay footage if you still need convincing.

Shaun Prescott

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