Zeno Clash 2 screenshots show more of the weird world of Zenozoik

Phil Savage


Well this is confusing. Zeno Clash was a game about bashing in faces, but the screenshot above stars a man missing a person's most punchable features. If a man has no head, chest or groin, can he really be punched? This must be Zeno Clash 2's idea of a zen koan.

Philosophical doubts aside, this batch of fresh screenshots show more surrealist environments and characters from the follow up to ACE Team's excellent melee-FPS. There's also a shot of what looks like a new chain weapon. That's like punching, but with metal!

They were released by the developers as part of a New Year's message to their forum members. ACE's Carlos Bordeu also revealed a potential release window, saying "Spring 2013... that's how close I can pin it down."

These three new pics join the previous three (as well as the announcement video) that were revealed back in July.

Thanks, Joystiq .

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